Hi! I am KatiAnne and welcome to my blog Raindrops on Roses! I am Vermont born, Indiana raised, and I dream of living south of the Mason Dixon. I am a wife, daughter and friend, and I am trying to live the best life that I can each and every day. 

Currently, I am living in Northern Indiana with my amazing husband, Nate. I am an Account Coordinator at an Advertising/PR agency and he is an Athletic Trainer at a nearby college. We met at Franklin College through mutual friends and the rest is history. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and I a member of Pi Beta Phi. We got engaged September 1, 2012 and on November 2, 2013 we tied the knot. 

I started this blog as a way to document our life together and all of the crazy things that pop up along the way. It is also a way for me to channel my creative energy and have a reason to do all sorts of projects and cooking.

Hopefully you enjoyed learning just a tad about me. If you have more questions just ask! I would love to hear feedback, know what you want to hear about or anything else that comes to mind.

Here is to all the good to come!