Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Favorites | January 30

Another week bites the dust. Is it just me or has time been flying by lately? 

These Bathroom Purchases

 photo IMG_20150128_212830_zpsxqpnlfxd.jpg

I had been looking for a shower curtain that was long enough and simple forever! Finally I found one at Marshall's this week. We also finally found and installed hooks for our towels (our original towel rack fell off the wall like two weeks after we moved in).

These BuzzFeed Articles

I was a server from when I could drive until I graduated college. These struggles are so real.
Really though, if Disney Princesses were real this would have to be their hair.

The New Budweiser Commercial

I was overwhelmed with the cuteness of this one.

Justin Bieber's Apology

I honestly hope he is being authentic and really is changing (check it out if you missed it). Everyone messes up, it would be so nice to see someone turn their image around. Maybe there is still hope for Miley...

This Recipe

Chicken Soup with Veetee Rice recipe from Nancy of The Mama Maven.

These articles from my lovely sponsors:

These Pictures Made Me Smile

morning coffee 1111 Morning coffee (39 photos)

morning coffee 96 Morning coffee (39 photos)

morning coffee 365 Morning coffee (39 photos)

morning coffee 385 Morning coffee (39 photos)

And that is that. I have a weekend of hockey games ahead of me, anything special for you guys?

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

That Chocolate Milk Though

Yup, I am saying it. I love me some chocolate milk. But I am actually really picky about it. Picky like, I only drink chocolate milk that I mix from powder (syrup doesn't work for me, neither does pre-made). Anyway, I started drinking Carnation Breakfast Essentials back in high school as my breakfast, but fast-forward eight or so years and I need more than a glass of milk in the a.m. So now, I eat more breakfast and drink my milk at night. Here is why...

 photo HisandHersChocolateMilkTitle_zpsgchv0ekq.jpg

As I started to work out more and really get serious about wanting to lift (I don't like it when I am skinny fat - definition: skinny but no muscle). I wanted to see muscle, so my husband told me I really needed to start drinking a protein shake after my workouts. I tried taking regular protein powder (the same as him) but I just couldn't drink it. The consistency and the fact that at that time he was mixing it with water just didn't work for me. So I started drinking my Carnation drinks again. It doesn't have as much protein as his drink does, but it is something. 

So why protein post workout? I am trying to build muscle, and after a resistance workout your muscles are craving protein. They need it to recover and grow quite simply. (check out these articles for more in-depth reasoning)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lunch with my Valentine

We are just over two weeks away from Valentine's Day so I figured I would keep with that theme. I love Valentine's Day, the romance and surprises that usually accompany it are just pluses. I love the fact that a day is dedicated to love - yup, I am that person.

Anyway, last week I shared a wish list for breakfast in bed with your Valentine. This week we are moving on to lunch.

Whether it is going out for a fancy mid-day treat or dealing with the aftermath of a blizzard and just going somewhere casual, these outfits are exactly what I would want to wear.

 photo LunchWithMyValentine_zpsoxhjfqaz.jpg

Monday, January 26, 2015

It is Monday

If you haven't been able to tell, I have recently gotten back into the habit of looking at The Berry in the mornings (more of my favorite pictures from this morning below). And today I found the picture that describes my morning. The struggle is real guys. 

This weekend was pretty calm. Friday night we surprised Nate's cousin (with the rest of the family) at a bar for his going away party. He was completely taken off guard. So confused. The night was then filled with fried pickles, mozz sticks and alcohol. Eventually beer pong happened (yes, in a bar - we classy) and Nate and his mom were kicking butt and taking names. Proud moment for sure. We left that party early because my best friend from high school was coming to visit, and I wanted to be home when she got there (obviously). 

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to the spa. It was my first time ever, strange to think I am 24 and hadn't gotten a real facial or massage ever in my life. Three hours later we left feeling like new women. If you are in the North East Indiana area and want a good facial or massage, head to Tranquil Touch Spa. I have nothing to compare it to, but it was so relaxing!

While I was at the spa, I had a guest blogger here. Did you miss it? If you did check it out - Discover: Crumpets 'n' Cream.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Discover Crumpets 'n' Cream

 photo DiscoverCrumpetsnCream_zpsoblliqgk.jpg

Morning everyone! I am off to the spa today, but I didn't want to leave you hanging so it is time for a discover day.

 photo DiscoverCrumpetsnCream2_zpsmttlw7tt.jpg

Meet Meagan, a born-and-bred Washingtonian who blogs about books, food, and traveling. And now I am handing it off to her!

Hi Kati Anne! Thanks for letting me come over and guest post. I’m excited to be here!

Let's start at the beginning, tell us about yourself. What inspired your blog and what can we find there?

I joined a foodie-lit book club in February 2013, and for our first meeting we were tasked with bringing a dish representative of our families, whether it meant our heritage, comfort food, a tradition, etc. I brought Swedish meatballs, the quintessential easy dish that feeds a lot of people. We’ve had it at a number of family gatherings, and we all love it!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday's Favorites | January 23

Teacher Memes/Cartoons- 18 | Squarehead Teachers
We made it again everyone! Friday is here. Not going to lie, I may have caved and bought a doughnut this morning. Couldn't help it, I had been wanting one since Tuesday! And I am even thinking about making it a weekly thing, probably not, but the thought crossed my mind.

So this weekend I am having a spa day with my best friend from high school. I haven't seen her face in a while so it will be a good "reunion." Not sure what else we will do, I have crafts and other house things piling up though so  I may need to get some work done.

Anyway, let's move on to my favorites shall we?

This tweet

Seriously, I saw this and freaked. I have been following ABD for a while now and this really made my day. If you haven't checked out their site yet, or my post that led to this tweet you should now (or at least after you read this post).

This Facebook Post

Speaking of social media love, my hair salon and amazing friend posted this today. I almost started crying when I saw it. Happy tears of course. I love how supportive people can be and I love sharing the love, so if you are in the North East Indiana area and need a good salon go to Pin-Up Curls.

This Buzz Feed Article

Seriously the struggle is real. Fine hair sucks. I don't have every single one of these problems, but the majority of them are my life.

These responses to #DeflateGate

I mean come on, you can't say these aren't funny. As a Colts fan (and Pats non-fan) I find these really, really funny

This picture

I especially think this is funny because I could probably do this once a month with the shipments we get from


This List by The Sparkly Life

The world's most flattering sweater, a pretty pitcher, the coolest sneakers - here are 11 gorgeous things that Alyssa from @TheSparklyLife is coveting right now. (Beware: You're going to want them, too!) 

This facewash

I started using it two nights ago and have seen a crazy improvement since. Probably won't be something I use every day, but when my face freaks out like a teenagers it will definitely be my go to.

These Valentine's Day Cards

Friend Birthday Card - Crazy Cat Lady Card Funny Valentines day card, scrooge greetings card, valentines, gift, card, love, i love you card, anti-valentines day, i love you funny card Friend Valentine - Best Friend Card - Friend Birthday Card - Funny Friend Card - You could be my sister wife. Valentines Day Card - Galentines Day - Funny Friendship Card - Ovaries Before Brovaries - Bestie - Love Card - Girls Greeting Card Funny Valentine's Day Card Valentine's Day Card - I'm keeping you

Check out the rest of my Valentine loves by following my [be mine] collection on

Make sure to stop in tomorrow and check out the guest blogger. She is a real treat!

Have a great weekend everyone, do something fun!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Staying Motivated

Earlier this week I was talking to my little sister on my way to the gym. When I needed to get out of the car and go inside I said to her, "Hey, I gotta go. Time to workout so I can get little" (joking about the little part, I know I am little already). Her response was, "Yeah, before you get big?" 

She was of course making reference to me getting pregnant sometime in the future (she is hoping for the near future). After her comment I simply said, "Yup, exactly. I want to see my abs before I lose them for nine months. Hopefully that will make it easier to find them again later." Then we both laughed and she said after I finally (like it has been so long) give her a niece or nephew we can have a race to see who gets their abs first.

This whole conversation happened in a joking manner between sisters, but it really got me thinking. What is my motivation to get in shape right now? 

My husband and I have talked about kids (maybe not as quickly as some people would like - ahem, Mattie), and so I would be lying if I didn't say that I wanted to be in really good shape before and during my pregnancy. There are so many benefits to it (check out this list), I really can't see a reason why I shouldn't be. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Breakfast in Bed

I'm not going to lie, I am already thinking about Valentine's Day. Mostly because we have to plan ahead and work around my husband's work schedule (baseball season is no fun for us). Anyway, when it comes to Valentine's Day, I like to think that I am not a crazy person that demands extravagant things. Am I wrong hubs? As I was thinking about possibilities for February 14 I started thinking about breakfast in bed - more specifically waffles in bed. Unfortunately we don't have a waffle this week I am wishing for one. 

Here is what else I am wishing for, besides the cute little waffle maker.

 photo BreakfastInBed_zps3bd09bba.jpg

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In a Hair Rut

.@nothingbutpixies | Found on @stylistmorganshea page | Webstagram
Everyone gets to this point. The time when no matter how you do it, you never like how your hair is styled. You get bored with it and then the urge to do something drastic comes in to the picture. Well I am there. I don't want to change the color, I love it how it is. I am good with the cut too, I mean every now and then I think about chopping it off but I get rid of that idea real quick. 

That leaves me with changing how I style it day to day. Normally it is down and straight. Maybe my bangs are pinned back on day one hair. Day two hair is usually in a headband or half back. Day three bun or braid. I mean it is like clockwork. So I am on the search for different ways to style my hair. 

Here are some tutorials I have found and liked so far. (some are things I do currently, but with a slight twist)

Monday, January 19, 2015

A weekend in the Windy City

Well, I survived the bachelorette party in Chicago, the bride survived as well. It was so much fun! As always I didn't take half the pictures I wanted to and I couldn't find my small camera so all the pictures I do have are from my phone.

Let me start with Friday though. I spent Friday night crafting, making hangover kits and a "Kiss the Miss Goodbye" frame. Super cute. Then I packed everything up and hung out with the husband the rest of the night. 

Saturday started bright and early. My ride picked me up at 8 a.m. and then we picked up our other friend and drove an hour west to the bride's family's house. We met the rest of the group there and then drove another hour to South Bend. There we jumped on the train and rode the three hours to Millennium St. Next we took a short cab ride to the hotel, The Drake. Oh my goodness it was gorgeous.

 photo IMG_20150117_170418_zpsan0qtsh3.jpg

We had the bride open presents and then we all got ready. Half a can of hairspray later we were off to The Cheesecake Factory. Yea, we walked. Yes, none of us were dressed properly, so of course we all stood out. I can't even begin to tell you how many funny looks and quite comments I picked up on by people walking by. There is a girl in a white dress with a tiara and sash on, don't you think we are all dressed up for some reason? Anyway, I digress. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday's Favorites | January 16

I mean this is my life. Coffee always.

Source - TheBerry

Onto the favorites! Fair warning, this post is heavy on pictures and light on words.

These new Lippies

I received a Sephora gift card for Chistmas and went out and got these bad boys with it. The Bite one smells almost like citrus and the color is my new favorite. The Soap and Glory gloss is the perfect translucent/light pink/nude color to top anything basically. Finally the Buxom one was a cash in on points and actually ended up being almost identical in color to the Bite one. Oh well, I love them all!

 photo Capture2_zpsbcd3a5e8.jpg

This new hairdryer

I had waited forever to buy a new hairdryer, because I had borrowed one and it was working fine. However, I recently noticed it being a little too hot for my lightened locks to handle so I went in search of one that had multiple heat settings. Marshall's for the win, as always!

 photo Capture1_zps278935b1.jpg

My picture on the Komets website

It took a long time, but we are finally on the website!
 photo Komettes-wLogo2_zpsd67e5a27.jpg

(oh and this one in the photo-gallery)

 photo Capture_zps3712d8d7.jpg

Yup, not quite sure why I was laughing at this point.

These 5 Tips for Making More Money

Therese Pickett is sharing her 5 tips for making more money in 2015. Who wouldn't like to do that? 

These J-Lo Inspired Tutorials

After the golden globes, the beauty and fashion world is abuzz about J-Lo. I mean she looked great (as I said here). Anyway, these tutorials popped up on YouTube and are great if you want to achieve that Jennifer Lopez, Golden Globes look. I may just channel her this weekend!

Oh yea, and the fact it is Friday is always a favorite.
Source - TheBerry
Goodness I wish I could write like that! Hope you have a great Friday and an even greater weekend. Wish me luck in the Windy City!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Starting Over, Again

 photo Workout1_zps2d46e977.jpg

I mentioned in my goals that I really need to work on my working out/fitness. This has probably been the umpteenth time I have said that, but I really want to commit. I made it to the gym three times last week and will again this week.

I am my biggest competitor/critic. No one can make the changes I want to see but me, and that is my problem - I get complacent and do not stay committed. My idea for keeping myself accountable and on track is by making a fitness journal. I still use to track workouts and measurements and stuff, but I like things in my hands physically (I am a list/notebook/planner person) so fitness journal it is.

So, what am I putting in my journal? Here are the general sections.


I know I am not a big person, but I still have jiggly places. My goal is to turn the jiggles from fat to muscle, this means I will gain weight and look smaller. (Each month I will set a specific goal)

Measurements and progress photos

Both Nate and I are going to do this at the beginning of each month to keep us going. It is hard to argue that you are doing enough if your February picture looks worse than your January one.
Measurements that will be included: calf, thigh, hip, chest, arm.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bachelorette Party Frills


Really though. I can only imagine what this weekend will hold. Like I mentioned earlier in the week, I am off to Chicago for a bachelorette party this weekend and I am so excited. Sure it may be a bit chilly but that is what oversized scarves, leather moto jackets and good attitudes are for. 

I made a collection on to brainstorm ideas for a chilly bachelorette party outfit (both bride and bridesmaid/friend). The idea of a cute little dress, booties (maybe tights), moto jacket and huge scarf just sounds amazing to me. We will see. Of course, I already have my outfit but you can check out my inspiration by heading over to and checking out The Bachelorette Party collection on my page!

What would you wear for a bachelorette party weekend in Chicago?

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