Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bumpdate | 20 Weeks

 photo 20weeks_zps6ol6bmua.jpg

[How far along]

20 Weeks - Halfway there!

[Size of the baby]

6.5 inches, 10.2 ounces

[Weight Gain]

Still hoovering around 6 pounds.


Leg Cramps | Still more my feet than anything
Heartburn/Indigestion | Not that I have noticed yet, but it could be coming with a vengeance. All I have been craving/eating is spicy things.
High Energy | I do feel better about moving around and getting things done, with the exception of an occasional lazy day.
Mild Swelling | This I have noticed more when I am walking around for long periods of time, since throughout the day I am usually sitting.
Shortness of Breath | Yup, I feel this.


Getting better still. Falling asleep faster/earlier and waking up at the same time so all is well.


Oooooh, wouldn't you like to know!? Our gender reveal is this Sunday and I have been planning/crafting/organizing like a mad woman. Check out my pinboard for my inspiration.

[Maternity Clothes]

Haven't bought anything yet but am currently on the hunt for a good pair of shorts to last the rest of summer and a bra. I just can't take the tightness in mine anymore.


Well, until this past week it had really been for mostly healthy things. However the other day I just couldn't stop thinking about cookies and luckily I have an amazeballs husband who stopped and got some after work.


Super excited for our party on Sunday and to stop referring to this little one as an it.
Also, I am feeling this baby move a lot now and Nate was able to also! It is such a crazy feeling but I love it so much.


I found the fabric for the nursery which means I have also been able to pick out pain colors. I would share, but that would give away the gender so hold tight until next week!

What I have my eye on:

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