Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Lovin' | July 31

Happy Friday! Besides fruit loops, I have been obsessing over a few things this week. The best of those things are below, enjoy!

1 | A few screenshots

During the week, while on Instagram, I have a habit of screen-shotting things I really like so I remember them later. Here are the top three from this week.

 photo 10601551_10_600_1068_zpscrxx3hhf.jpg  photo Screenshot_2015-07-29-20-38-47_zpstslrjdvy.png  photo Screenshot_2015-07-30-10-57-19_zpszskviu14.png

First of all how cute is that baby in the Starbucks costume?! I am dying over here. 

Secondly, those nails! They are next on my list of nail art to try at home.

Third, I am obsessed with Milk Snob covers and now they are selling these wraps (starting in August) and I am so excited. That stripe print just looks so perfect and I need it, but of course they are already sold out...

2 | These Products

 photo IMG_20150727_152718_zpsskqlddzl.jpg

[Sinful Colors Nail Polish]

I still can't believe this polish is real life. It took one coat for me to get a solid color on my nails and it looks amazing. Lately, I have been topping off my polish with Gelous (got mine at Sally's) and it makes my mani stay for at least a week without chips.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bumpdate | 20 Weeks

 photo 20weeks_zps6ol6bmua.jpg

[How far along]

20 Weeks - Halfway there!

[Size of the baby]

6.5 inches, 10.2 ounces

[Weight Gain]

Still hoovering around 6 pounds.


Leg Cramps | Still more my feet than anything
Heartburn/Indigestion | Not that I have noticed yet, but it could be coming with a vengeance. All I have been craving/eating is spicy things.
High Energy | I do feel better about moving around and getting things done, with the exception of an occasional lazy day.
Mild Swelling | This I have noticed more when I am walking around for long periods of time, since throughout the day I am usually sitting.
Shortness of Breath | Yup, I feel this.


Getting better still. Falling asleep faster/earlier and waking up at the same time so all is well.


Oooooh, wouldn't you like to know!? Our gender reveal is this Sunday and I have been planning/crafting/organizing like a mad woman. Check out my pinboard for my inspiration.

[Maternity Clothes]

Haven't bought anything yet but am currently on the hunt for a good pair of shorts to last the rest of summer and a bra. I just can't take the tightness in mine anymore.


Well, until this past week it had really been for mostly healthy things. However the other day I just couldn't stop thinking about cookies and luckily I have an amazeballs husband who stopped and got some after work.


Super excited for our party on Sunday and to stop referring to this little one as an it.
Also, I am feeling this baby move a lot now and Nate was able to also! It is such a crazy feeling but I love it so much.


I found the fabric for the nursery which means I have also been able to pick out pain colors. I would share, but that would give away the gender so hold tight until next week!

What I have my eye on:

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Going Places | Part 1

Over the next two months, I have two trips coming up that are taking me to opposite coasts. The first is a trip to San Diego and the second to Woodstock, VT (and some other places). Both of these will be filled with activities and require totally different outfits. Since Cali is up first, I am starting there and making my list of outfits that would just be perfect for some of the things I know we will be doing.

Obviously, my wardrobe will be a total last minute thing because let's be honest, who knows what will fit in a month. This however is where my mind goes immediately.


  image of Salt N Pep Slip On
I am all about comfort when I fly. Loose fitting shirts and easy to remove shoes are absolutely key. I always throw a light scarf and/or jacket into my carry on bag just in case. This shirt is perfect for traveling (or just my daily life), and these shorts look beyond comfortable too. I have been dying for a pair of shoes like these and this hat would give me just enough cover to avoid eye contact with strangers (since sunnies indoors aren't always socially acceptable).

[more options]


   Nike Expandable Running Lean Waist Pack

I can't think of anything better for an outdoor activity than a good tank/muscle t with a pop of color from a sports bra, all with a good pair of capris. The only thing that would make this better is this fanny pack to hold my phone, and maybe a snack.

[more options]

Zoo Day

Honestly, this is what I am the most excited about - a trip to the zoo! More than anything I am thinking about comfort here so a good shoe is key. A loose fitting tank like this one, paired with a good relaxed pair of black shorts keeps me in my element but cool, and top it off with a good crossbody purse for a finishing touch and I will be ready for the day. Seriously I am giddy thinking about the zoo.

[more options]


Push-up Halter Wrap Bikini Top Red Mango - XhilarationBlack Flounce Bralette Bikini Top Xhilaration

Lastly, a day at the beach calls for a bikini or two, a coverup and a beach bag filled with all the necessities. I am loving all of these and am seriously hoping for a good sunny day at the beach at some point on our trip.

[more options]

And that is that. I will do a few travel posts before and recaps of our trip after, but until then I will be dreaming of the perfectly packed suitcase. Any recommendations of places to go or things to do while we are there?

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Let's relax

"It's Monday but that's okay"   especially spending this Monday with my princess!

Well this weekend was a change of pace. We had nothing scheduled. Absolutely nothing, and it was fabulous. 


After work we did some errand running and went out for dinner. We have the silly string for our gender reveal this weekend and the sugar doughnuts were on point at the Chinese restaurant. Then we wandered over to Lowe's to look at paint for the nursery and to Walmart for a few odds and ends. We ended the night with TV and relaxation. it was so needed.


I woke up bright and early with the dog and let Nate sleep in. Then we went to work on the house - cleaning, organizing, planning projects and watching some movies in between. Later in the afternoon my mom and brother stopped in on their way home from Vermont and we just talked for a bit before shoving an un-used chair in the back of her car. We ended the night with party planning, laying on couches and watching the cross fit games.


Let the record show, Nate and I made it to church on Sunday morning in Franklin. It took a while to get a free Sunday when we were actually in town but we made it. After church we got some lunch with my sister and settled in for more relaxing on couches, movies and naps. I can honestly now say I have watched full Harry Potter movies, a fact that would have been a bold faced lie until yesterday's marathon on ABC family. I do want to read the books now, once i finish the pile I have at home already.

Right before we went to sleep I felt our little one start moving around a lot and Nate actually was able to feel it too! It was a really nice moment right before we fell asleep. 

And that was the weekend. Next weekend is our gender reveal party so this week will be full of planning and prepping. I love being able to throw a good party, and Nate hates how much I love them.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Lovin' | July 24

Well, it's been a minute. BUT, that means I have stocked up on some good stuff that I have been loving lately. Like really good stuff!

1 | These Instagram Accounts


Baby List
I am planning on using Baby List for my registry also, but seriously their instagram is full of new products and all sorts of great baby/pregnancy related goodies.

This one is just pretty first of all, and it is great inspiration for nurseries and other things.

petunia pickle bottom
Right now this is at the top of my list for a diaper bag so I love seeing their different prints and styles pop up on my feed. They also highlight other products as well which is always nice.

2 | These Products

15ml Bottle
Sole Serum
I got this little lovely in a bridesmaid's gift recently (Thanks Seanie) and it was my saving grace during the reception. I lasted over half the reception in my heels and then when I finally caved and got flats it was because my feet were slipping in the shoes from sweating (we are real here, yup I sweat) and not because they hurt.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bumpdate | 19 Weeks

 photo 19weeks_zpsbou6kzzb.jpg

[How far along]

19 Weeks. 

[Size of the baby]

Mango (8.5 oz, 6.0 in)

[Weight Gain]

According to my "I'm Expecting"app, I have gained 5.8 lbs. I am actually starting to notice now. All of my pants/shorts are getting a bit snug and the belly band is being used a lot more.


Abdomen Aches and Pains | Yes, yes I do have these.
Dizziness//lightheadedness | Um, yup. I have been dealing with this since about week 2 if I am remembering correctly. It is what tipped my  mom off.
Leg Cramps | Still more like toe and foot cramps
Hip Pain | Not any more than I normally have, my hips are not exactly normal.


Honestly, this past week was better. I am figuring out the most comfortable way to sleep now and I am so tired that I fall asleep pretty fast.


Still coming soon! Ultrasound is coming up so we shall see. 

[Maternity Clothes]

As mentioned earlier, all my stuff is getting a bit tighter. Still not enough to bump to maternity wear but looser shirts and belly bands for sure!


Well this week it moved from Fruit loops to waffles. Waffles with butter and syrup (the real stuff). And still fruit. Lots of fruit. 


Anxious, I just can't wait to hear our little one's heart again.


Since we didn't see anything actually baby-like at our first ultrasound, this next one is even more exciting to us. Last time he/she looked like a fuzzy little blob (at 6 weeks) so anything would be more baby-like for us! The gender reveal party planning is going strong and I am so excited to share the surprise with our family and friends.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wishing Local

Part of the fun of living in a small town is being able to walk around and visit the boutiques that pop up. I especially love the one's near me because they fit my style so perfectly. Here are a few things that I am loving and wishing for from three local boutiques!

Anna's Style Boutique | Franklin, IN

Double Layer Sleeve  Jersey Ruffle Tank Ruffle Sleeve Tunic-White/Blush *PRE-SALE* The Home T-Indiana Baseball Tee

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Better yet, mention that you are a Raindrops on Roses reader when you visit Anna's next and get 10% off your purchase and a free gift!

Brick Street Boutique | Franklin, IN

Barby Maxi Dress Black Splatter Tank Top Navy Stripe Pullover Navy Blue Dress

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Dottie Couture Boutique | Greenwood, IN

   Black Destructed Skinny

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

More not so local things I am loving too:

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