Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Lovin' | June 26

Well after this weekend I should have some good stories. The wedding travels begin as I travel south with some of my sorority sisters for another sister's wedding. Until then, here are my favorites to hold you over!

1 | This Buzzfeed

Obviously I am pregnant (as previously mentioned on here) and I have talked about lifting before, but now that I have my energy back I have been lifting with Nate. This list is just perfect and inspiring/reassuring as I start to show and am still lifting.

3 | Baby Stuff

We are finally starting to give this crib it's makeover and I am super excited about it! Cheers to all the baby things to come!

4 | Thursday TV

Although it isn't the perfect lineup of Grey's, Scandal, and HTGAWM, Astronaut Wive's Club and Mistresses is pretty on point as well. Bring on the drama!

5 | The Berry's Morning Coffee




M&M Cookie Bites

Happy weekend! Hope it is nice and sunny for you!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Caring for my Eyes with VIIcode

For over a year now I have been looking for a great eye cream, one that hydrates without making me feel greasy. Well, it hasn't happened yet but I still want to take care of the skin around/under my eyes and help to prevent/treat wrinkles and try and lighten up my always there dark circles. To combat the normal signs of aging and just to pamper myself I have turned to eye masks thanks to VIIcode.

 photo Capture_zpsj81x92pi.png

When I was approached by the company to test their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask I was beyond excited. Then life happened and we found out we were moving and I found out I was pregnant and this post got delayed. The time has come however for me to share the goods and tell you all about it.

[The Details]

 photo Capture1_zpsl1awegjh.png

Use for anti-aging, eliminating fine lines, dark circles, puffy eyes and bags.
Use the mask 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks as a full course of treatment. (Each box has 6 sets of masks so three boxes would be needed for the recommended length of treatment.) To apply, remove the plastic cover from the masks and place under the eye after cleansing the face. Gently press the mask into the skin to start the begin the hydrating process. Use at night while you sleep for 8 hours of care.

Bumpdate | 15 Weeks

 photo 15weeks_zpsnnefuvxo.jpg

[How far along]

15 Weeks! My goodness it is going fast!

[Size of the baby]

Baby is as big as a Navel Orange (about 4 inches)

[Weight Gain]

About a pound now. It took a bit to gain back the weight I lost in the first trimester.

[Stretch Marks]

Nope (knocks on wood)


Waking up probably 2 or 3 times a night to take a bathroom break and struggling to get comfortable. It is starting to feel uncomfortable to lay on my stomach so side it is.


We find out in 5 more weeks, I am feeling like it is a boy though. We did the drano test and it said a boy too! 

[Maternity Clothes]

Not yet, but my jean/khaki shorts are starting to feel a bit tight and I can no longer wear half of my bikini tops.


Pineapples and cookies. I have caved to the pineapple, but not the cookies. Still standing strong!


The urge to clean, always. Our kitchen has been the cleanest its been since we moved in all week. 


Nate started painting the crib yesterday, and he just rested his hand on my belly for the first time last week too. It all feels so much more real now.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gym Ready

 photo Gym Ready_zps08ut0ikz.jpg

It is summer and that means lakes/pools/beaches and for me, that also means an extra bit of focus at the gym. Also, being pregnant and having my energy back, I have really been trying to go more often. The more I go, the more I love it and I feel like all I need is just the perfect gym bag, stocked with everything I need to get a good workout in.

Obviously a great gym bag is where to start. Then throw in a towel or two, extra socks, headphones, a phone holder, notebook, spare headband, and water bottle and you are on your way to a well stocked gym bag. Additionally, I like to have face wipes, lotion, deodorant, wipes/hand sanitizer, extra hair ties and a brush handy. Dry shampoo wouldn't hurt either in case a trip to the store is coming directly after the gym. 

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What would you throw in your perfect gym bag?

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Time to Adult

Top 30 Best Funny Minions Quotes and Pictures | Quotes and Humor

Monday, Monday, Monday! Yup we are back again. Put on your pants and get ready to adult with the rest of us. This past weekend was the last weekend without plans for about four weeks now so it was filled with relaxation and home projects. Here is the weekend in more detail.


I started the evening opening a lovely package from Morphe (I got this powder brush and this foundation brush) and spending some time outside enjoying the clear skies with my puppy.

 photo IMG_20150619_140127_zpsqcsmvloq.jpg  photo IMG_20150619_165257_zpsuqd8rbxf.jpg

Then after a quick trip to Sephora to exchange a foundation and my quickest Target run ever, I spent the night cleaning and organizing our room/bathroom. Mostly I organized the bathroom to try and get a handle on my beauty products before I packed my bag for doing my friend's hair and makeup the next morning. It is crazy how much I enjoy organizing that type of stuff, or organizing in general. My grandma actually used to pay me to organize her closets as a kid so I do enjoy it. The rest of the night was spent chit chatting with the friend I mentioned earlier before falling asleep while watching Selena.


The day started bright and early doing my lovely bestie's hair and makeup for a wedding she was in. Of course we were short on time and I didn't get a picture taken of it, but I will get one eventually. She looked gorgeous as always though. After that I headed home and cleaned a bit, took a nap, enjoyed being outside, the works.

 photo IMG_20150620_143921_zpsgwtdddoj.jpg


After sleeping in and waking up feeling super well rested, I tackled the rest of the painting that needed to be done (well the stuff I could safely reach) and started cleaning. Nate was still in Fort Wayne, so I pretty much just kept myself busy until he got home by watching movies (Saving Mr. Banks and Endless Love).

And that is the weekend. Nice, relaxed and productive. Bring on the next four weeks of craziness!

This weekend we have the first of several weddings. Other than that I plan on continuing to organize the house, I feel like my nesting urge is going to be strong fast. So far I have reorganized our bedroom, bathroom, and closet, and we are in the middle of decorating our living/dining/kitchen. Sorry Nate for the nesting that is to come!

Speaking of decorating, where is the best place to find great wall decor? Also, has anyone ever repainted a crib? We have this awesome old, solid wood crib that we want to make white and slightly distressed but I don't know what the best product will be to use.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What's in My Bag

 photo WhatIsInMyBag_20150507_0002_zpsmcvruq0s.jpg

So yup, I am doing this. A what's in my bag post. Why you ask? Because we are nosy people and for some reason find joy in knowing what another woman lugs around in this miniature suitcase we claim to be a purse nowadays. Honestly, I think I enjoy these posts/videos so much because I am thinking that one day I will discover the best trick in the world that someone has figured out. Seriously, if Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guiermo or Alex Garza has some magic product in their purse that they swear by, chances are I will go buy it. Why? Because I trust them. Anyway, let's move on to my twenty pound bag (it is actually 6.4, I checked).

 photo WhatIsInMyBag_20150507_0003_zpscxfjy5ib.jpg

*This post contains affiliate links*

So my bag has three sections, in the middle is all of this nonsense:

Box of Bobby Pins and a rubber hair band
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Candy Gloss
Killer Queen, Katy Perry Roller Ball
Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Leche
Maybelline Colorsensational in Pinkalicious
Color Whisper in Berry Ready
Michael Kors Glasses and Case
Steve Madden Sunglasses
Jessica McClintock Glasses Case
sonia kashuk blotting papers
Vera Bradley Clutch (holding a nail file, nail clippers, Revlon kabuki, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup in Golden Neutral (08), Sephora Nano Eye Pencil in Gri gri (15), Oral-B essential floss, and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser - Brightener Illuminator)

 photo WhatIsInMyBag_20150507_0004_zpsklwgotnd.jpg

Moving on to the second section:
Proactiv Oil Free Moisture face lotion
Sony Cyber-shot 
Lowepro(R) camera case
Clorox wipes (to-go pack)
Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Creme
B&BW Cherry Almond Short Bread Anti-bacterial Hand gel
Vitamin box with 1 cinnamon cap and 1 Evening Primrose Oil
U by Kotex tampons

 photo WhatIsInMyBag_20150507_0005_zpsy5jcm54t.jpg

And the thrid:
Coach CheckBook
Olivia & Joy wallet

And that is the purse! It is a neverending black hole, let me tell ya. Now for summer I have downsized for a Kate Spade Crossbody most days, but this guy is still ready to go when I need him! Anyone else have a crazy amount in their purse? I can't even imagine what my diaper bag will look like come this December when our Baby Bear gets here.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

There needs to be a mute button

Let's make it a good one
Again it comes. I am never ready for Monday, but Monday doesn't care. It was a good weekend though, so let's start the week with that!


Let's see, what happened Friday? Nate and I tried to find curtains (failed). It is really hard to find them when you want a specific thing and need a longer length than the average. We will eventually. After that we cleaned the house a bit and watched a movie.


We started Saturday off bright and early to adult and have a yard sale. Honestly it was pretty pathetic looking. Some clothes, a few pairs of shoes, a crazy amount of picture frames, and just random odds and ends. It worked out though. After a slow start we probably got rid of about a third of it before we called it quits. Just in time too since it started raining as soon as we started picking stuff up. We will try again next year and put a little more time into it!

While we were outside, Nate got quite a bit of yard work done and I got dinner started in the crockpot. It turned out quite yummy by the way. Beef roast that ended up being nice and spicy over lettuce, topped with cheese, beans, pico and chips for crunch. Some nice Chipotle-like dinner at home.

Then I got glammed up for the first time all week and we headed downtown to hang out with some friends. The night ended in the beer garden of the Rathskeller (which I was the DD for obviously), listening to music and catching up with people we haven't seen in a while. I love that we are close enough to Indy that we can go downtown for things but easily head home after. 


Sunday was a slow day. The only scheduled thing we had was a groomer appointment for Remington. Other than that it was pretty relaxed, until the game came on (NBA Finals). Now, it ended well, but it was probably the most Nate has yelled during the series so far. I really think everything would be better if there was just an option to mute the announcer guys' voices. It is obviously not possible to find commentators that can speak with absolutely no bias at all. The one guy (who apparently never played basketball) was too busy sucking up to LeBron to be able to call the game as it was. The half-time reporters were better but Nate informed me that it was because the guys had actually played in the NBA and knew what they were talking about. All I am asking for is the removal of bias from reporting, now is that too much to ask for (obviously yes, we are human and can't be perfect). Rant over...for now.

Remi was super cuddly last night so that was awesome, I love cuddle time with my pup.

After that it was off to bed and that was the weekend! Hope yours was filled with love and fun with those around you! Anyone else get annoyed with the commentators like I do?

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Lovin' | June 12

Happy Friday peeps! It actually came quick this week and I am so happy. I've got some love for things that are all over the place today, but they are all good ones - obviously.

1 | This Picture

 photo DSC00912_zpsi8qmi4jf.jpg

More importantly the Baby Bear coming our way in December. I am so excited for the little nugget to get here, and for the secret to be out). See the full post here!

2 | OITNB is Back!

Yup, I saw someone already watching it this morning as I went through my snaps. (My snapchat - katianne1519) I am pretty excited to blow through the entire season this weekend when we aren't doing adult things.

3 | A Weekend of Adulting

By adulting I mean yard sales, refinishing a chair and hardcore cleaning our house. Sounds like a blasty blast doesn't it? I am actually kind of pumped about it.

4 | Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffins

These are heaven right now. Seriously it is just enough sweet to get my morning started on a happy foot (since coffee has had to take a step back in my life - 3 cups just isn't okay now ha!).

Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's about that time

Well, I have to be honest. We have been keeping a secret. Home projects and travel weren't the only things making it hard to blog, it is also really hard to blog when you feel like you are hiding something (which I was).

 photo DSC00912_zpsi8qmi4jf.jpg

Secret is... I'm pregnant!
Yup, Nate and I are expecting our little bundle of joy this December! We are beyond excited and are so relieved to be able to tell the world finally, and I am sure our friends and family that know are relieved as well.

So here is the story for any inquiring minds. We had been talking about wanting to start a family, but with our upcoming move decided we should probably wait. I didn't think twice when I was a bit late since I had been slightly stressed out for the past few months. Our move was April 11 and it went as smooth as could be. April 12 (my birthday) rolled around and Nate nonchalantly suggested I take a test before we ran to the store, both of us fully expecting it to be negative. So without a second thought I went upstairs and did my thing. As I saw that little plus sign grow stronger and stronger I lost it. Full on ugly cry. I ran down the stairs to Nate just standing there looking at me like a deer in headlights. Obviously he could assume what just transpired but we were both in a bit of shock. After holding each other and crying a bit, I wiped my eyes (which looked like a full blown raccoon by this point) and we gathered ourselves to head to the store. 

We both agreed we wanted to tell our families as soon as possible, and they have been keeping our secret ever since. A handful of friends know and they have been amazing and kept our secret too (well almost all of them - you know who you are). Now the secret is out and the baby talk can be public.

Today marks the beginning of week 13! I don't want to flood my personal Facebook page with baby updates, so all of that will live here where people can choose to read it or not. Here is the update so far!

How far along:

13 Weeks

Size of the baby: 

Peach (2.9 inches)

Weight Gain: 

About a pound and a half as of this morning (the nausea did a number on my appetite)

Stretch Marks: 



Decent, I have been having some crazy dreams though. Sleeping on my stomach is starting to feel weird.


Not sure yet but my gut says it will be a boy.

Maternity clothes: 



Honestly, pineapple all the time and spicy foods


Relief, we heard the heartbeat again yesterday and it just gives you peace.

 How is that for a life update!? Things around here are going to change a bit just because my style and priorities are going to be a little different. I guess this makes me a mommy blogger now, don't worry the hair and beauty stuff will stay around. I can't get rid of that.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Family, Friends and Rainclouds

Morning Coffee

Oh lordy this weekend was a busy one, my head is still spinning from it all. But it is Monday yet again and luckily this weekend there are no plans. Before we talk about the upcoming week, let's start with this past weekend.


I started the day with an unfortunate trip to the dermatologist. Honestly I am at the end of my rope with my acne and the doctor I saw seems to think we can get it under control. I now have topical stuff for my face and shoulders that will hopefully get things going in the right direction. She also had me do some blue light therapy to kill the bacteria that causes acne and it seemed to make my breakouts less red for sure. The appointment was not just for my acne though, I also had an unfortunately large wart on my  thumb that we removed. Now I look like a small animal bit off a chunk of my thumb, it is super attractive.

After work was over that day Nate and I packed our car and headed to Fort Wayne for the weekend. It was filled with family time and friends, all starting with dinner at a local family favorite (9 Mile).


The day again started bright and early since I had a hair appointment at 8 a.m. I walked out with a massaged scalp and slightly grey hair. Oh my goodness I am in love with it. Then later that afternoon is was off to a surprise party for one of Nate's cousins. The weather was absolutely perfect to just hang out outside. We finished the night with dinner at Bourbon Street and ate our fill of Cajun/creole food. My belly was happy for sure, their Jambalaya hit the spot.


Starting the morning off with Church felt so good. Nate and I have not been able to make it (always something on Sunday) and it really felt like something was missing. Hopefully our weekend stays free and we can finally visit the Church in town we want to go to. After church I picked up one of my friends and after a quick Target run we headed to the bridal shower for another lovely friend.

With an impending storm approaching Nate and I packed up our car quickly as soon as I got back from the shower. We made it home and organized the garage before it started raining and then relaxed the rest of the night. Well, until the basketball game came on. Then all you could hear were murmurings and yelling at the TV about LeBron and other bad calls. It is always a fun time.

This week though I am planning to get a lot done - organizing, planning, projects and design work. Super excited. Now if only the sun would come out to play.

How was your weekend? Anyone else cheering for Golden State or have husbands who yell just as much as mine?

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