Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life Lately and Currently

Well I just completed my first work trip and I will be honest, I am exhausted. Driving 5 hours a day isn't fun. What was fun though, was walking through the zoo to check out our sponsorship the morning after our meeting. I am a sucker for cute fluffy animals and well any animal really. It was the perfect weather for a trip to the zoo, and although they didn't have lions (my favorite animal) it was still a very enjoyable experience and it felt good to stretch my legs before jumping back in the car.
This poor guy is missing his tongue.

I had to take a picture of him, it was hump day.

Is this not the most adorable thing in the world!?

I feel like this month is flying by and I am getting absolutely nothing done. That is life though, so here are my goals revisited at this point in the month. 

Goals for September
Post 5-times a week and schedule them ahead of time | So far I have been kicking butt at this!
Do at least one outfit post - and get the hubs to photograph it | Still working on this one
Get all of my social media connected to my blog and public worthy | Everything is connected, just need to make it all match
Create a media kit for my blog | I have a plan for it so  it is still in the works

Decorate my living room walls - they are so bare!  | This hasn't even been thought about unfortunately
DIY decor for above the bed in my room | This post is coming soon!

Run 20 miles over the course of the month | Ha! This is a huge fail again, and I don't plan on running 20 miles in the next 5 days. I will call 2 miles a win...
Lift at the gym at least twice a week |  I have been doing really well with this so far this month
Create a workout plan for the month and stick to it! | It isn't a physical plan, but I do have a basic plan in my head, I need to get it on paper though

Make a Fall bucket list | Made it, just not posting it yet
Meet up with an out of town friend | I have for sure done this already - 3 friends in one weekend!
Plan a fun celebration for Nate's birthday! | I have it planned, just need to let people know.

But to give you a little update on what I am doing with my life lately, here is a nice list of all my currently's:

Insurgent (Book 2 of Divergent Series) So far I really like it!

[Binge Watching] 
Breaking Bad (Season 3, Episode 6) I can't stop, and I won't stop until it is over. I don't know why it took so long for me to start watching this one.
I love this song. All day, everyday.

About the premier of Scandal, Bones, Grey's and How to Get Away with Murder tonight. I am so excited, Can't even deal.

My coffee. It is pure bliss right now, I need it to function.
I could sleep just a couple extra hours in the morning. Seriously, just an extra 20 minutes would be amazing.
A scarf and a cardigan - my fall go-to outfit. 
My husband and all he does for me to make my life what it is. 

A big full skirt and pumps (with bows) for an outfit to wear in our anniversary photoshoot at the end of October.
To get myself into a legit schedule. I feel like it would help so much.
Overwhelmed by everything on my list of things to do, both at home and work.

That is all. Sorry it is such a long and random post. I have been traveling all week and didn't have much in me to get super creative. I am working on it!
It is almost Friday! Keep on smiling :)


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