Thursday, July 31, 2014

Calming Down

Real life time...

I have a problem with sharing my emotions verbally, and therefore I end up holding everything in until I burst. Thankfully, Nate knows how I work and he can deal with it, but I am still working on how to control my thoughts. What leads to these mental breakdowns you ask? Well, let me just tell you. EVERYTHING. My main issue is that I over analyze things - things that I do, what people say to me or about me. I think about things and replay situations over and over in my mind until I crumble. I have done this for as long as I can remember. Not only do I replay situations that occurred in real life that I wish I could go back and change, but I also play out scenarios that haven't happened - think Criminal Minds/Law and Order:SVU type of things. I then proceed to freak out about them and scare myself completely.

In the past I have also struggled with anxiety from time to time. This began when I left for college from what I can remember but my mom may beg to differ. The day before I left for school I remember laying in my bed and having a panic attack, and my mom coming up and helping me through it. 

Ever since, I have gotten pretty good and noticing when I am starting to lose control of my emotions and about to have a complete meltdown. I have also been able to come up with ways to calm myself down when these situations arise - and in part this is thanks to my Mom.

She always would tell me to find my happy/safe place and just think positive thoughts. Take deep breathes, close your eyes and just forget everything. I also have gotten into the habit of singing a song in my head - or out loud if needed - to take my mind off of things. And finally I say a little prayer. My faith isn't as strong as I would like it to be - I am working on it - but I know I can always find strength and peace in my Lord. All of these things have really helped, but I know I still need to work on my problems. I know they exist, but i am not great at keeping control over them. 

Anyway, here is where I go when I need to retreat to my happy place - Vermont. I was born there, I love it there. I am always happy when I visit. It has been a while since I have been there personally, but my family visits every year and so I get to live vicariously through them.

Mt. Tom | Woodstock, VT 

Killington | Killington, VT

Killington | Killington, VT
Photo Cred | Mindy Graber

How do you stay calm? 

Thanks for reading this one. I know it was a big heavy on the emotional/personal level. Do you all like these kind of posts - the real life kind - or should I do something else?


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's Talk - The Bachelorette

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Now if you didn't watch last night's episode of The Bachelorette or see any spoilers of what happened and want to find out on your own, stop reading now...

Now until this season I never really got into the show. I always found it a little ridiculous honestly - I mean one person dating several other people for a few weeks and then getting engaged to that person? Come one, really? How good of a relationship can you really form while making out with 10 other people? This is where my personal views come into play though. I am a monogamous relationship type of girl. I have been cheated on in the passed and also been the unknowing girl that the guy was cheating on his girlfriend with. It sucks. I don't know how someone can function in that situation willingly - but to each his own.

For this season, I started out watching pretty regularly, but after a few episodes I lost touch and would catch up watching clips or the full episode via Hulu. Naturally I started to form opinions and choose favorites among the guys. My picks were Chris and Josh, and like a lot of other people in the world, I found Nick creepy.

Okay, so on to last night's episode. I came away from it with a few strong feelings - in no particular order:

  1. I have a lot of respect for Andi
  2. Nick is a douchebag
  3. "babe" bothers me even more now
  4. I am a sucker for love stories/proposals no matter what the situation is
My respect for Andi is warranted I swear. Let's rewind to a couple weeks ago during the "Overnight Dates" when she kindly let Chris know that she wasn't feeling it and let him go privately instead of in front of the other guys. So kind. Yes it sucks and he should have stayed because he isn't a douche bag like the other one I will talk about later, but she has a heart. Being let go during the rose ceremony would only make his heartbreak more public. 

This leads me to point number 2 - Nick. Who calls out another person on national television (and outs themselves too) about their sex life!? Yes, we all know that it probably happens, I mean they have a date that includes a room key for goodness sake, but you don't talk about it. Dick move buddy. Yeah, she may have led him on a bit, but she has to. It is a TV show and she can't tell them one way or another. And again, she showed she has a heart by letting him go privately instead of that night when he planned on proposing. That was a low blow buddy.

My next thought is one that has been longstanding. Nate and I have never been big on pet names (we tried, its odd). Honestly, the closest thing we have to pet names is calling each other dude and laughing about it. It really stems back to a couple we knew is school that called each other babe in a really whiny tone and every other word. So when Andi and Josh were saying it over and over at the end of every sentence, we just looked at each other and laughed.

Finally, I have a confession... I cried a little. Yup, I cried about a proposal that came after 6 weeks of dating multiple men and was done on national television. I am a hopeless romantic and I love seeing other people happy. I was also extremely happy for Josh because for a second there it looked like his life was over as Andi vaguely went on a very serious rant before saying she loved him. Good for them! I hope they have many years of happiness and become one of the few couples that actually last after the show. 

Anyway, rant over. What did you think about the final rose ceremony? Even better, how do you feel about the whole Nick debacle? Am I alone in my strong feelings?

Oh, last night I decided to jump back into the Twitter world and I found that @PrincessProbz is super funny and you should definitely follow.


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Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

So this weekend was a big one. We joined Nate's family at a Vineyard & Winery for his cousins birthday and I got to join Nate on his first official wine tasting. It was so much fun. Granted, Nate and I can only share one type of wine - Moscato - and I wasn't even super fond of their's, so we bought a bottle of Cab for me and he ended up getting wine slushies. Everyone was happy. If you ever find yourself in Northeast Indiana, make sure to take a trip to Country Heritage Winery. It is so pretty inside and the wine is fab. On the weekend they have something called "Wine Down" where they get a band/musician to come and play for three hours while everyone drinks their wine. They also brought in a food truck that I didn't try, but our family members were raving about.

We called it a night earlier than the rest of his family because I had a class to go to at 8 on Saturday morning and Nate had a paper to write for school. By that afternoon though, we were back at the birthday celebration joining his cousin and her friends for a pond party. Drinking games, food and plenty of conversations ensued and it was a wonderful time. I did however fail on the picture-taking so I apologize (blogger fail).

Sunday was bittersweet. Nate and I skipped out on church to get him ready to take off for his first week of labs down at Indiana Wesleyan - yay grad school! We used to have a (short) long distance relationship and he travels for work when his sports are in season, so we are used to being apart for periods of time, but it is never fun to say goodbye. He will be back soon though and I will be very happy.

I am glad that I have found things to do here and have made friends. Recently, I joined a group of girls on a 4's sand volleyball league in addition to my co-ed 6's team. I need to pick up an at-home hobby though to keep me busy while Nate is on the road - suggestions?

Below is an Insta update of everything I have posted since my last update. I will get better at this - I promise!


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My view on the course on one of our golf dates.
Nate and I on the golf cart, me looking bald.

Puppy playdate
Beer pong on the lake.

With my Pi Phi lil' sis on the lake.
Tired pup!

Can you spot the mullet?
We always take a goofy picture, it never fails.

With my love on the Lily Pad.
Thanks to my bestie for creepin' on us and taking this!

'Merica shirts for the 4th
My June beauty buys and samples

Best giveaway ever from one of my favorite
beauty vloggers! Check her out here.

In love with this outfit.

After my hair appointment, I'm blonde-ish!

Out night at Wine Down

Friday, July 11, 2014

Now Loving - The Skimm

Okay, so last week I stumbled upon this great little service and it is simply too good not to share. As a journalism major I used to stay current on the news because I had to for class. This meant that I stayed pretty up to date on all the major happenings in the world and locally. Now that I am living in adult world and getting up earlier to make it to the office I don't have time to read newspapers or watch the news intently - I need sleep. Entering into my life at the exact moment I was wishing I could take in more news/current events was theSkimm.

TheSkimm was founded by two twenty something friends who work in and have a passion for news created this daily (Monday-Friday) email service that sends you a short version of the biggest headlines of the day. It is well-written and the perfect length for a quick morning read. Check them out here to see what I am talking about and while you are there sign up to recieve your daily Skimm.

Thank you theSkimm for bringing news back into my life on the daily!

How do you get  your news?


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday's Wish

Happy Wednesday everyone! It is halfway to the weekend and I could not be happier. Lately I have been seeing a lot of things that I have been wishing would just appear in my life - most of the time it is a major case of blogger envy. Seriously, where do these girls get the money for all of the new cute things all the time? I am sure there is something I just haven't figured out yet being new to this whole blogging thing.

After looking at so many great blogger's posts each day, I have started to rack up a list of things I want to buy. Here are some things that I have been lusting over lately:

Panama Hat | J. Crew

Nameplate Necklace | Love Always

Tassle Necklace | Brina Box

Picnic Basket | Swoozie's

Penny Wedge | Tory Burch (Nordstom)

Wifey Tee | ILY Couture
they're Real  Push-Up Liner | Ulta


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Shop my wishlists on Luvocracy and my closet on Rack It Up

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An engagement & a basket

Recently my best friend got engaged and  I was lucky enough that her now-fiance invited us to come and be a part of it. I was the hidden photographer and some how I held it together. While I was shooting though I realized I love taking pictures and am considering pursuing it as a hobby. My mom was a photographer, so I grew up in the business and am used to everything. Unfortunately I missed out on all of her equipment when she closed shop a few years ago. Guess I know what I will be asking for for gifts for the next year or so!

Since I am in an engagement mood I figured it would be a good time to tell the story of our engagement. Ever since Nate and I realized that we both wanted to spend the rest of our lives together we had a little joke about my engagement ring. As poor college students who mutually hated debt, I knew that he wasn't going to get a diamond from him any time soon - or so I thought - so I always said that I would say yes even if he proposed with a sparkly spider ring. By my senior year, he had graduated and started working as an Athletic Trainer, and we were coming up on our three year anniversary. We wouldn't be able to celebrate on our actual anniversary due to his work schedule so we celebrated a month early and went out to dinner. As we were getting our dessert, he asked if I was ready to exchange cards and I of course said yes not knowing that anything was going on. As I opened mine I noticed something fall out - a spider ring covered in rhinestones - and he opened the blinds of the window next to us to reveal both of our families standing outside. I lost it, I am a very emotional person and I really just lost it and started crying my eyes out realizing what was going on. I couldn't tell you what he said as he was proposing, thankfully I have the card which basically said everything he said then. Of course I said yes and that was the beginning of our lovely little life together. 

Funny enough,  the secret photographer for our engagement was my friend I took pictures for also. She was a crying mess at my engagement too so our pictures were a little blurry but they perfectly capture the moment.

Don't mind the guy in the corner.


The ring was/is absolutely perfect.

Anyway, below are a few pictures of us and the happy couple as well as a few detail shots from the day. I also listed out what I included in a gift basket that I made for her.

The engagement basket I made was kind of last minute but I really enjoyed making it and I think it would be something I would love to make again sometime and see what else I could do to get even more creative and fun with it. For this basket I included:

  • a wedding magazine
  • his and hers champagne glasses
  • Hershey kisses
  • thank you cards
  • a note pad
  • the new initial for her soon-to-be last name
  • a frame for a picture of the moment
  • a bottle of champs (not pictured)
What else would you put in a engagement gift basket?


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