Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

This past week has been a surreal time - my best friend got engaged - but let's start with last weekend.

My dad and brother came up to visit this past weekend and we all took advantage of all that our lovely town has to offer and went to a baseball game. The Tin Caps are the feeder team for the Padres and they are a really fun team to watch. The stadium is spectacular and the atmosphere is exactly what you want to experience at a minor league game. I love it, everything about it. We were lucky enough to hang out in the 400 Club with some of our friends at this game. This meant food and drinks while sitting in the air conditioning. I felt bad for my dad and brother who were outside on the lawn, but then I realized my brother was still having a blast and could care less where he sat. After the game we watched the fireworks and headed home. Living so far away from my family is hard at times, but I am lucky that they love to visit - especially now that I have my puppy!

The whole week kind of drug on. I am one of the only one's in my "department" at work that wasn't traveling all week and so it was really quiet. A Starbucks run felt necessary (there is no shame in it) and I drank a lot of coffee to keep myself focused. I have noticed a great hike in my coffee in-take lately - not mad about it either. Not only did the quietness of the office make the week drag, but the anticipation of all that was to happen this weekend made it seem like the week lasted forever. My best friend got engaged on Saturday and her fiance was kind enough to include my husband and I. It was the sweetest thing ever and I captured some great moments.

I am making an effort to really start capturing the moments in our lives with our friends and family and I am hoping these weekly reviews of sorts will help me document everything. I want to have pictures of our lives together and pictures are meant to be shared.


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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Motivation

It is summer - obvi! Summer means lake days and pool time with friends among other things, so naturally it is a key time to work or the figure. Luckily I have my amazing husband to make me a workout program. Below are the first two weeks of the program he came up with for me. By focusing on weights and only doing heavy cardio two days a week, I should see the results I am dreaming of - along with good eating habits. Each day I start off riding a bike or on the elliptical for about 10 minutes to get myself going.

Mekayla Diehl, Miss Indiana, Miss USA 2014
Miss Indiana during the 2014 Miss USA Competition | See full article by E!
Also, just wanted to give a shout-out to Miss Indiana rocking her body during the swimsuit competition last night. The social media world was giving her so much praise for her healthy body, and I must agree she looked fantastic. And congratulations to Miss Nevada on becoming Miss America 2014 - you are stunning!


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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Lately

Well two weeks ago our life changed and we have been getting less sleep ever since. No I did not secretly have a baby... we got a puppy! Meet Remington, the newest member of the Blair family.

Isn't he just the cutest!
Remington is a full-blood Golden Retriever. His dad was really red toned and his mom looked like a classic golden so he is going to be a very pretty dog. Because we were looking for a hunting dog, we got ours from a breeder instead of adopting one from a shelter. Of course we are big believers in helping out these puppies that need to find forever homes, but in this situation we really wanted to know the history of our dog's parents to get the best dog we could. So far it has really paid off. Remi has pretty much potty trained himself and is really well behaved. He also loves to swim, which is a great start to his hunting training. The only issue we have really is he really HATES his kennel at night. We have tried everything. So far, playing the radio all night helps a bit, but he is still really whiny. Any suggestions on how to get my pup to sleep through the night would be greatly appreciated.

My love and I at my sister's graduation party.
We also celebrated my sister's graduation when we went home to get our puppy baby. I cannot believe that I have two siblings in college now and the youngest is in high school. I don't feel like my own graduation was that long ago, but we are coming up on my five year reunion so I need to start believing it.

The next month will be jam packed with mini-trips and visitors, all leading up to the hubby going back to school to get his Master's in Athletic Training. I couldn't be more proud of him, especially since through all of that he is also planning on taking the test to become a certified strength and conditioning coach. I am so happy that he has found a career that he can be passionate about and really enjoy. He is such a helpful person and loves making a difference/impact on a person's life. I love him so much (okay, gushy moment over).

Here is to all of the life changes that have happened and all of those left to come. I can't see what else God has in store for our lives!


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Had to take advantage of a good hair/makeup day. #selfie

Remi's first swim!

So easily tired out..

I am in love with this puppy, he is perfect for us!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Favorite Beauty Vloggers

Hey Everyone!

I am back. Sorry things have been crazy lately and I just stopped even thinking about writing and just focused on my life. So life update post coming soon, but until then here are some of my favorite Beauty Vloggers on YouTube that you should definitely start following!

Who: Jaclyn Hill
Why: She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about beauty and is always on top of her game. I have been a subscriber of hers for a while now (she was one of the first people I started following) and she has yet to disappoint.
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Who: MakeupByTiffanyD
Why: She has a great mix of high end and drugstore products for her beauty videos. Also, she throws in a lot of other videos - clothes, lifestyle, etc. Her videos are detailed and she seems very honest in her personality. I found her by following her blog (which is also great) first and then started watching her videos too.
Follow her on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Her Blog | YouTube

Who: Stephanie Willis
Why: She is a small town girl, with a passion for makeup and beauty in general...and she just so happens to be from my hometown so I have to show the girl some love. She is very interactive with her followers on Facebook and YouTube and has a wonderful mixture of high end and drugstore products. Her videos range from skin care to wedding looks and she is always asking what you want to see next. Show her some love people!
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Who: Nicole Guerriero
Why: She is awesome. Plain and simple. Her channel is a great mixture of hair and makeup videos along with random life and specialty videos. She is great and her videos are always entertaining. Check her out!!!
Follow her on Instagram | YouTube

Who: Lauren Curtis
Why: First of all, besides her great makeup tips I love her accent. She is fun to watch and again has a great mix of tutorials and videos. She also has a mix of high end and drugstore. Great beauty blogger, love her!
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My Makeup Story
I began to really get into makeup my Sophomore year of college. I started watching a lot of YouTube videos and talking to people at Sephora. Most of all I just started experimenting with different products, on both my face and my roommates. As the years went on I became the go to girl for eye makeup when we went out and racked up some impressive points at Sephora.

I have a lot of make up, not as much as a makeup artist or beauty vlogger would, but compared to anyone else I know I have a ridiculous amount. Also, I don't see myself slowing down buying things anytime soon. I love it all and if I would ever go back and get more education in a different field than my PR/Journalism degree I would pursue becoming a makeup artist.

What about you guys? Do any of you have some great makeup vloggers that you follow?


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